One Million Giving

This is just a beginning of the giving from Dove Global! Here is BIG WHY:
Dove Global’s Mission: To-Educate-To-Empower professionals in all levels and all places, through coaching and training, to instill confidence, solid ground of clarity of what and how to do what is right and honourable in any situation.
More review our goal set in 2012.


About Lily Harvey (中国苏州的丽丽 )

Bilingual Chinese and English business consultant/investor and an Interpreter/Translator, who provides service to BC court. Professional and Academic background: PMP, MBA, Mech. Eng. Diploma of Imm. 本人是中英双语的专业人才,从事工商/投资的研究,咨询及加拿大卑诗省法院的中英文翻译。中文是我的母语。资质 拥有加拿大的英文商务硕士学位及涉及民法和刑法的移民顾问证书。 I offer accurate Mandarin services that will bring convenience to your life and increase success to your business. If you are facing following challenges or opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact me to book my service. I am flexible to deliver services on site or virtual online environment. 本人提供的精确中英双语服务将为你的生活带来方便,将为你的事业增添成功的机率。如果你面临挑战或商机,欢迎你同我联系。 eMail: Tel: (778) 371 1616 or (602) 507 9681
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