Amazing Journey Of Lily Harvey In Canada

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Amazing Journey Of Lily Harvey In Canada From An Mechanical Engineer & A Fashion Model From China to A Rare Business Professional & Leader Of People In Canada:

The Story of A Dove to Fire Phoenix Will Be Reveal In Its Time

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dove_logo copy         A lady in purple           FireQueen3
1994 _________1996________________Now

Touring Telus Corp. Jet outside of The Flight Deck | CBC working on news

BC gas jet     crime stop lily w penticton media                

A group of women pilots dinning at Lily’s airport restaurant The Flight Deck       

happy lady pilots

After work enjoy Skaha Lake & garden | W. Mr.& Mrs. Day (Hon. Minister Day, former Leader of the governing Party of Canada -Old Boss of PM of Canada )

after 7-11 night shift   Lily and Stockwell Day & Val Day

Airline clients of The Flight Deck Look after Lily when she flies | Aunt Wu & Ruth

airlines love lily   aunt wu n ruth  

All happy dogs loves Lily – w. Mia & Nico | Lily’s father Dr. Zhong visiting Canada

bonnie lily nico    dad lily 1

Visiting Royal family relative Harry& May at their lovely logging home | Lily’s Dad

dad lily 2    dad lily 3

Beautiful Ruth & Handsome Dr. Zhong | Ruth arriving Shanghai airport, friend Jiangyan

dad ruth in china 2    dad ruth in china 3

Beautiful romance of Canada & China  | Lovely Ruth & Dr. Zhong

dad ruth in china 4  dad ruth in china 1

Ruth Dr. Zhong & friends in Suzhou (CEOs) | Lily’s first Chinese IT mgr PMP mentee Liu

dad ruth in china 5   A most successful PMP student of Lily's in China 

W. Dr. Harvey visiting a friend met in China | Upon request pose for photo outside her Rest.

don friend lily@rru       Lily and friend at Pen airport     

Halloween fun time visiting voterslily 2                   As a guest of BC Health  Authority Board Meeting | A BC ministry a native Minister requested a photo with The Flight Deck CEO Lily

Lily at BC Health Authority Conference 1    FD big windows

View from The Flight Deck huge window of the run way of the Penticton Int’l Airport From Lily's airport restaurant, watch landing     

W. the Deputy Manager of the airport Louise and Air Canada Regional Manager Mary at Lily’s Flight Deck Restaurant | A photo of memory of receiving farewell of sold the rest. FD angels     FD environment

Lily’s time in the Okanagan being a family member of Reform Party. With executives and Hon. Jim Hart MP. Photo on the wall is the Funding Father: Hon. Preston Manning MPlily and Jim Hart supporters            At a local community restaurant – Lily enjoys so much of dinning out.lily in olalla

Lily loves taking photos during every board meeting which took place at different citiesLily at BC Health Authority Conference 2   Lily at BC Health Authority Meeting Venue 1

Lily with her Bible study mentor Fye who is extended family in the Okanagan for LilyLily at BC Health Authority Meeting Venue 2   DSCN1939

Amazing angels Murray and his mum so warm welcome Lily’s mum visiting Canada | Lily with Citizenship Officers on her glorious day of becoming a Canadian Citizenlily at Porter family   Lily became Canadian Citizen

At Lily’s first birthday in Canada, many friends and local business owners coming to celebrate to make Lily feel at home

lily birthday 2    lily birthday

Lily loves happy dogs, here Mia is so enjoy Lily’s petting | Lily visiting Nanaimo lily bonnie   Lily captured the ocean n sea gulls

Lily visiting famous Keremos Grist Mills- back to old time | Ruth’s lovely grand kidslily christy jennylily dad n ruth family

At horse ranch – Lily loves horses
lily don and dad's horse riding eventLily at BC Health Authority Meeting Venue 3

lily loves flower 2

lily loves flower1

Ruth visiting China and Lily’s mum Dr. Liu at her recovery of a surgery

Lily loves two mums

Lily and mum Dr. Liu visiting Canadian Force at New WestminsterLily mum visiting leaders in Canadian Force 1    Lily mum visiting leaders in Canadian Force 2

Lily & mum at a Train in China                         |    Dr. Liu visiting Okanagan

lily mum     Lily n mum visiting Native family 1

Chinese people love to treat their best friends a feast of eating Crabs | Dr. Liu visit USAdon lily and Chinese friends in suzhou  DSCN1226

DSCN1235  DSCN1298

DSCN1311   dog loves lily   

DSCN1479  DSCN1482


Dr. Liu visiting Canada – Vancouver

 DSCN1822    DSCN1819

DSCN1824    DSCN1938


DSCN3813     DSCN3817

Lily, as the Chair woman, initiated first Official Ceremony of International Women’s day w. proclamation

38_event 38_event_Procl_WomenL

Vancouver Board of Trade Gala


New year Celebration, stand with Hon. Gorden Campbell – former Premier of BC, now Ambassador to UK  |  with Attorney Garth and Hon. MLA Richard Lee

New-Year-Cele2     New-Year-Cele1

With former BBY City Council Garth  | with mot brilliant Canadian GPS manufacture CEO

G n lily      Golf_millionaires

At BC Commerce Event


Lily as the Chair woman, initiated the Lester B. Pearson’s Birthday Discussion on Canada’s role as “Peace keeper” or ” Peace Maker” – former and current Members of Parliament, university scholars and international diplomats and community leaders gathered

LB event Lily with pannels LB event Lily with speakers Lily speaks 1

Lily brought investors to Canada’s most significant property development Kelowna BC The Greatest Wine Tourist Destination in our time! | Bird view of Penticton airport

km_millionaires   landing on water

Lily’s private trip to see Ocean Whales

Lily hugs sky and kisses the sun in her Whale Watcing

Lily with current BC Premier Hon. Christy Clark

Lily n BC Premier Christy Clark

Lily loves plans, flying and loves youth

 lily n flying cadates   Lily n Forjan n Chinese group students in Victoria  

The former BC Premier Hon. Gordon Campbell visiting Lily’s airport restaurant | Lily’s first new car at the reserved parking out side of the airport terminal

Lily n Gorden campbell at Lily's airport restaurant    lily n her first new car

Lily met many Indian leaders. This is Chief Glen | Lily often being invited to see jets

Lily n indian chief glen    lily n jet captian

Lily often being requested to pose for photos with celebrities, politicians and athleteslily n minister

Friends love Lily  |  Lily with Fire Chief from City of NY

lily n natalia n angels     Lily n NY Fire Dep. Chief

Lily with Canadian TV Anchor Pamela Martin

Lily n Pam of CBC

Lily with Dr. Stefan

lily n stephen

Lily entertains her cat Wei Wei   |   Lily loves riding horse that is gentle

Lily plays music for weiwei cat    lily riding horse 1

Lily Loves air planes, loves ride on their wings

lily riding horse 2     lily sat on plan wing

Lily sits on the mountain of the Okanagan       Lily sits at Walmart Jet

Lily sits on the jet wing     Lily takes a deep fresh breath at bridge in the OKanagan

Lily loves flowers

lily smell the flower

Lily loves birds

Lily talks to bird 1    lily w hat

lily w italian     lily w Keremoeo folks 1Lily walks out of the flowers

Lily_Angel1    Lily    Lily_Angel2

Lily_at Vancouver Hotel    Lily_be a pilot for a fun flight

Lily_before gliding    Lily_dove_Flight Deck Penticton Airport Restaurant

Lily_emersed in the fire autumn 1

Lily_Halloween night 2

Lily_In glider 2    Lily_In the glider

Lily_Loves Leader Horse 1   Lily_Loves Leader Horse 2 

Lily_play 3 goddess   Lily_serve w smile

Lily_step on the mountain back in the autumn        Lily_MoonAngel

Lily_The Eastern Empress hiding in Olalla  Oliver Fair Lady


Lily_WhiteAngel3      lily's Canadian Native family 2

Lily_WhiteAngel4   Lily's angel Ruth visiting her China n angels

Lily with her Okanagan family

Lily's BC Native Family   lily's Canadian Native family 1 

Lily's dad in love 2    Lily's father_in love

Lily's mum admires Golfer CT's Cake    Lily's mum loves flower

Lily's mum visiting 1   Lily's mum visiting 2

Lily's mum visiting Olalla King Ivan   Lily's Royal Roads_peacock1

peacocks at Royal Roads University where Lily studies hard at her MBA programLily's Royal Roads_peacock2    Royal Roads_peacock3

MVC-005S       natalia n Lily   

Oliver Fair Lady    

paul n lily   plane loves lily  

With Ruth, Mrs and Mr. Manning  (Hon. Manning is the father of Reform Party of Canada)ruth n lily with Founder of Governing Party of Canada Mr & Mrs Preston Manning 1   ruth n lily with Founder of Governing Party of Canada Mr & Mrs Preston Manning 2

Lily and her mum Dr. Liu were invited to visit Hon. Stockwell Day, Minister of Canada and his office in Parliament Hill in OttawaOttawa-Paliament-Visit


DSCN8108 (Copy)  JoinWV

Lily listens to bird's talking   with African ACNs_Young Lawyer students



Meet Cool Trader Robot Inventor Ed and his team in Phoenix and Vancouverwith Bruce Jenner   with Cool Trader Pro Funder and Inventor Ed

with Cool Trader Pro Funder Cary   with Cool Trader Pro Funder Nick

                                             Visiting BC Parliament in Victoria, pose with the Queen in the photo

    nuns      Lily_Visiting the Queen II

With Consul General of Indonesia in Vancouver and his teamRemarkable-Indonesia-With-G

Remarkable-IndonesiaLions_resizedCrab Pot


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