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New and Exciting Upcoming event – learn about the Robotic CoolTrader from their official webiste (You can sign-up Free associate membership there before Dec. 12th). Find more info from my due diligence post 1: learn about Robotic Trader-the Cool TraderPro! (or link)  Photos. Wish to meet the founders, call 604.800.8316 RSVP.

Summarized shortened key info PPT is available upon request. Simply knock knock.

For Time Crashing Fast Track PMP credentials
-DGPMMC Program Your Career Passport!
Talk to Lily, she is passionate about your momentum success!

For Re-programming  Activating your inner millionaire mind 

Future Sponsored Events listed at MeetUps 
– Brand Name is: Outrageous achievers
Outrageous-Achievers Mission: To Educate and Empower

For personal and inner strength development –

For personal and inner strength from Bible Study

For learning marketing and passive income Free class and webinars-
– Learn smart shopping to turn your daily shopping into a machine to generate passive income without pay 1 dime more. Think about the windmill that captures and transforms..  – Meeting Opportunities.
– Through monthly utility price hedge and structure properly to weather and to thrive with passive income. To learn from the successful and to become one of success stories.  Meeting opportunities.

For Listing your events or looking for FREE Events and Links

For getting connected with Lily and her professional network and Outrageous Achievers (OAs)- 

Join and become one of the OAs NOW!

Follow Lily at Twitter – Big news on KM project! – KM Project is loved by golfers!
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