From A Baby to Start

Video clips made from Animoto:

Beautiful Baby and Beautiful Parents

A Chinese Girl

A Chinese Fashion Model – New to Canada


Happy Faces of A Chinese Girl

Fun Time on Land, Ocean – with friends and animals

MBA Classmates at Royal Roads university

A Chinese Girl Receiving An MBA from Canada

Dove met Summer Hill

The Flight Deck_Starting out

The Flight Deck Celebrities I

The Flight Deck Celebrities II

The Flight Deck Celebrities III

True Flight Deck In British Columbia Canada

I Love All Birds – I did catch them.

Dove Loves Oliver and its people

Who Is Don

More of Don_An angel never be forgotten

Don’s Happy Time in Vancouver

We Love You Don Always

We Love Don II

Suzhou Mum in Suzhou and visiting Okanagan

Love You Dad, Says the Daughter

Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day Mar 8th !  

Amazing Journey Of Lily Harvey In Canada

Amazing Journey Of Lily Harvey Prior to 2010


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