Lily’s Blog Websites

  • Http://About.Me/LilyHarvey – Show case Lily’s most current professional profile and one stop info centre with advanced business tools and websites that Lily uses daily.
  •  – Blog focus on PMP Training & advanced biz mentoring
  • – original blog since 2012
    Google it as “lily harvey” this site will appear top#1 among 8.4Million links of the search result
  •  – Lily’s Blog website since 2010.
    Lily founded CTEA Team Blog website since mid Dec. 2012. Less than 30 days, Google it as “cool trader 123” this site will appear top #1 among 14 – 136Million links from the search result. Then in Aug 2013, it appeared top #1 among 99 million links from the search result.

Effective way to get connected with Lily and her professional team to benefit your growth in career, business, investments and wholesome success, visit and follow Lily at

Learn-more about why Lily’s has great passion-to-help-you succeed can be found:
The original version of LilyHarvey.Info
-A Journey from a rare woman Mechanical Engineer grew into a Business-Coach.
– You will be energized by her favourite songs and her faith in YOU!
Lily’s CV and Lily’s professional profile: About.Me/LilyHarvey
Lily’s Photo collections-reflect achievements in biz & career development  DoveGlobal
Lily’s Private National Achievers Conference (NAC) Photo
* What is happening -business leaders and stars take the stage – new and will checkout


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