Global Online Trend

What is the big global online trend?
– First of all, it is very important to know what is the biggest trend on earth?
A: The social media – links __% of all human races are using it.
A: Online gaming and Entertainment- a 45 billion industrial just started the biz model to capture this trend.

Why it is important?
A: Extremely important. Because big money is in the trend. Follow the money to find what biz you should be in. Yet, some entertaining like casino maybe cause harm to people want to gamble rather for light entertaining and enjoyment. Then should we even consider this kind of business opportunity? After review following links, Please share your view with us.

Here are some links will lead you to safe sites to explore.
Once you have questions, you can call: 604 800 8316

* Message from the founder:

* Recorded Tel Meeting:

Very helpful url to explore this business opportunity: – official site – From team leader Doris

I2G – Global Entertainment Home Business – From team leader Doris

i2g back office training | Infinity 2 Global Back office training

i2g- Infinity 2 Global- Online Entertainment Giant Changing Lives!
Emerald Executive – Faraday Hossein

I2G Business Presentation
Frank E Calabro Jr


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