China Honeymoon Trip (at end of this page)

Wedding on Sept 1 2018 (video links after wedding pics)

Amazingly beautiful day in this heavenly King Mountain Valley – smoke free, sun shinning, cosmo flowers blooming, birds and butterflies dancing and creeks singing…Church sisters and brothers arrived at 11:45 am, along with marriage commissioner, waiting excitedly for the Bride and Groom to arrive.

在国王山谷的这个天堂般的宇宙星际花的场地降临了美好的一天 – 无烟,阳光灿烂,鲜花绽放,鸟儿和蝴蝶跳舞和小溪歌唱……教堂姐妹和兄弟于上午11点45分抵达,与证婚主席Jenny一起,兴奋地等待着新娘和新郎到达。

12:00 Noon Wedding Starts 正午婚礼开始:

IMG_3432- 2b

IMG_3432- 2c


IMG_3437- 4

IMG_3438- 4b

IMG_3442- 5

IMG_3443- 5b

IMG_3446- 7

IMG_3449- 7b

IMG_3451- 7c

IMG_3452- 7d

IMG_3454- 7e

IMG_3456- 7f

IMG_3458- 8

IMG_3463- 9

After the ceremony, communion with the Lord was taken, led by KCC brother Mike:

IMG_3466- 10c IMG_3467- 10d

IMG_3469- 10e

IMG_3474- 10f

IMG_3476- 10g

Wedding guests giving blessing prayers for the new couple:                                          婚礼嘉宾为这对新人提供祝福祈祷:

IMG_3477- 10h

Brothers and sisters in Jesus come forth to bless us and we bless each of them. The Lord said: The Father blesses those who bless His children.

IMG_3478- 11a

IMG_3479- 11b

IMG_3480- 11c

IMG_3481- 11d

IMG_3482- 11e

IMG_3483- 11f

IMG_3484- 11g

We spread our wings with the Lord to bless those who bless us:

IMG_3485- 11h

We enter our house, the House of God, to see the new couple cut this specially made exquisite wedding cake, designed by the bride and amazingly made by Claudia from the local Value Plus Grocery Store.    Cake inscription: Lily & Ron Godly Love Forever!

我们进入我们的房子,也是上帝的房子,观看新的夫妇切割这个特别制作的精致婚礼蛋糕,由新娘设计,由Claudia从当地的Value Plus食品店精心制作。
蛋糕上写着:Lily&Ron 敬虔的爱永永远远!

IMG_3486- 12a

IMG_3486- 12aa

IMG_3493- 14b

IMG_3488- 13a

IMG_3489- 13b

Some photos in our garden and community garden:  当日庆祝结束,在我们花园和小区花园里拍的一些照片:

IMG_3505- 15c

IMG_3530- 15n

IMG_3517- 15g

IMG_3509- 15e

IMG_3507- 15d

IMG_3519- 15hb

IMG_3519- 15k

IMG_3519- 15j

IMG_3525- 15j

IMG_3523- 15i

IMG_3530- 15l

IMG_3528- 15k

IMG_3530- 15m

IMG_3539- 15o





IMG_3553- 16b









The day after our wedding our Forever Honeymoon  with the Lord Starts. Our daily life style is to Pray, Praise, enjoy Love and feel His Joy. Our  breath and heart beats praise and glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.





Cards and guest names are recorded in the guest book and the heavens and will be blessed by the Lord in the days to come.


IMG_3600-20 Congrats cards

Wedding Video Links: 婚礼视频:(We list some God’s wisdom on marriage & life links at very bottom for those seek for a truly successful marriage and life, we bless you! )


Many Thanks to our Best man Steve,Maid of Honor Karen, Dear friends Morris and Patricia from Red Deer. Brother Mike did the communion for this wedding, Ferdi and Steve captured amazingly joyful moments.  All guests are gracious and loving the Lord and we can see His glow on each of them! Thanks again and may His Face shine upon you and and your family each day!
——– Lily & Ron


God’s wisdom on marriage & life by Pastor Derek Prince:

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China Honeymoon Trip

– Amazing welcome home! Glory to God!

The exciting and gracious celebrations included touring twelve major cultural venues and two fantastic banquets. Many pictures were taken.

Unfortunately, on October 26th, our trip took a different turn when we had to take mom to the hospital to diagnose severe abdominal pain that she was having. It turned out that she had a critical problem with a blocked intestine and emergency surgery was required. This was done successfully from 1-4 am at Suzhou No.2 hospital by a team led by the head of that division.

Even today, with deep gratitude, I cannot stop my tears of thankfulness for all of my family and friends for all of their gracious help for mom. My husband also helped by cleaning mom’s place for her recovery when she returned home. Clearly God was with us and in all rescuing and recovery efforts. Truly God is a Faithful God who is full of Mercy and Love!

Lily and Ron