Stories of GIFT at the bottom of this page. What is your Gift in life?

Dec 4-6th, Lily met legendary  #1 API coding programmer in North America, Inventor of Robotics Trader Tool – Mr. Ed Barsano, and world class MLM Team players. Attended their soft ground launch in Vancouver Canada – an eye opening and enlightening time to learn the inside of today’s stock market and why the crashes crashed many investors portfolio. When you know why, you know what to do. Truly a GIFT – Lily shares her gift here with you here. Sign up as an associate FREE and option to get promo rate on their robotics trading program before 12-12-12. Sky is the limit, once you are in the know, you know how to fly high. Time spent with Mr. Ed Barsano and his team truly a Gift of enlightenment.

Lily won Big Prize/GIFT at amazing MMI learning event on Nov.3, 2012

As an Ambassador of MMI Lily has a few FREE Big Gifts for giving away
– Certificates to attend MMI 2-3 Days Intensive Training from now to 2013
(First come first serve, until seats are all taken)

Contact Lily to get your gift! Take Action to Change Your Reality!


Story of GIFT

What is gift?

Story of GIFT from awesome MMI Trainer Doug Nelson. Doug experienced total burn in a fire accident nearly lost his life in his early 30’s. He lived in the darkness and pain for months, then when he came back to realization, he made his clear choice – determined to find way to rise above this situation. Today, through MMI training and his book “Catch on Fire” (google his name to find more about his book), he has inspired thousands thousands of people at his  MMI training used his life experience of making the right choice to uncovered this disguised blessings which he called it a big gift in his life caused today’s great reality: He became one of the very very very best MMI trainers in the world.

This delighted Lily with a new realization of the meaning of GIFT.
You would too!

Lily has a similar story but never realized it also has a name called Gift.  You  might have such experience too. Here shares Lily’s life experience through her new recognized GIFT:

Over 15 years ago,  after being the first Canadian entrepreneur successfully introduced BC wines to China markets through 1994 Team Canada visiting China Mission, Lily raised capital made a bid on an airport restaurant business and won the bid. After her success of transforming an airport restaurant & gift shop business, she was named uncrowned Ambassador by her customers.   Time went by fast, almost 3 year went by, a question surfaced “what is your plan for your life? you were an engineer, you have more to offer, you have learnt Canadian culture and international cultures by serving people flew in from all over the world. What do you want to do next?”  Lily noticed the voice but she chose to ignore it. Then one day, as a new driver with a “new” car bought from a car rental, the breaker suddenly stopped working on the S downhill highway. As you can imagine,  Lily and her car flew to the ditch. …Lily had a severe car accident almost lost life.

Lily’s right side of body could not move, more shocked: she could not remember many things, especially on vocabularies and people’s names. She was scared and angry at that time. She kept asking “why me, God!” Then very quickly she realized this was just waste of time. So she changed her conversation in her mind. Instead of complain, she started to ask, pray, demand immediate healing and gathered all her breath to do whatever takes to heal herself. Her prayer was answered. The pain was magically gone and the body could move as normal after two months. But not sure about the memory. To verify and claim her healing determination, she put all her energy into pursuing a Canadian MBA.

Lily would never want to move forward to new business nor finding her new talents if  it were not for the car accident.  Lily would never go back to school full-time nor grew much greater faith and bigger heart for others if it were not for this total healing purpose.

Because of this experience, Lily’s new life began. She graduated from Royal Roads University with honour and she also was a leader of MBA students whom that students, teachers and Presidents always turned their eyes to her to ask for advice or help. Lily was deeply grateful that she could be at service to help others, led impossible became reality for her and people surrounded her, believed in her and followed her. She knew it was a Blessing to have the ability and opportunity to serve. Now she learnt new meaning of this blessing – it is called GIFT. Also she learnt from MMI: There is NO LIMIT to success if we take action!

So, what is your GIFT that you have received in your life? Has you used it for blessing your life? If yes, keep making it obvious each day; if not, then now is the time to realize it and use it to bless you and others. So, ask and claim your certificate gift before it is gone.

Lily’s definition of GIFT –
This GIFT is not the kind of gift or gifts in material forms which bring short-term pleasure. This kind of GIFT is significant blessings that can be an event or a thing that can be visible or invisible, it has such a profound effect that can deliver someone to a higher self or say cause someone raise above self into a being with unconditional love, peace and unlimited power to achieve any great goals that will make a positive impact in other’s lives in the community and on the earth.


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