Feb 2013: A great Gift that Lily won at MMI 3 Day Training Event last Nov in Vancouver was fulfilled during 5 Days from Jan 28-Feb1, 2013. Lily completed her winning Enlightened Warrior Camp along with the rest of 214 new warriors from USA, Canada, Africa, India and a few other counties and regions in the world. The wholesome mind, body, spirit and heart’s transformation experience as a one nation and four tribes were amazing…This is truly a heavenly gift in the life time to be so purified and empowered with Love and Oneness. More photos will be posted here or link to face book. So stay in tune.

The lead master trainer Mr. Doug Nelson is amazing enlightenment teacher truly a world class top trainer on earth. Trainer Chris also is an amazing inspirational teacher! The entire staff team and Karma group staff are amazing warriors! Lily is so grateful for all the empowerment she has received from Doug and the all special stellar trainers were selected by Peak Potential and Harv Eker’s management team.

Lily will recommend anyone in seeking his or her life purpose and hidden inner power to reach out to Peak Potential and their advanced programs. MMI program is the first step foundation program. If you haven’t gone through MMI program, and you desire for wisdom and to transform your traditional mind into a Millionaire mind, here is the link for you to start with MMI program before getting the advanced program such as the Enlightened Warrior Camp.

To learn more about the master trainer Doug Nelson, you can google his name and or his book “Catch Fire”. This book will change your outlook of your life! Doug and his wife Melanie also founded Catch Fire University with a mission to empower and to make a difference to people’s lives. They are an amazing couple & perfect business partners!Meet them to ignite your inner seed of big fire for ultimate success!

Jan 2013: The Just In Time Enlightenments to kick start A GREAT 2013:

1. Re-visit and listen to:

2. Understand Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) Language effects the neural system, at subconscious level.  Read following key notes from the session through Lily’s lens
Source Link:   http://www.niurkainc.com/lsi/    http://www.niurkainc.com/

Jan 9th 2013, Adam Markel is the CEO of Peak Potentials Training a Master Trainer, key-note speaker, author, interviewed Niurka, who is a communication expert, transformational leader, and author, a master trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a master hypnotist.

Lily was invited to listen to this enlightenment conversation. Here are some key notes were captured or perceived by Lily. Lily would like to share with you and empower you. Thank you Harv Eker and Peak Potential, Adam and Niurka for causing this sharing…of blessings of awareness and source of generating abundance! Love & Blessings, Lily

What is NLP?
Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP)
 Language effects the neural system, at subconscious level.

Power of Language: It  leads – mind programming, reverse engineering, re-program, manifesting.

The process: Thoughts <-> Language <-> Feelings -> action -> results

With this awareness, once noticed the thoughts of negative, you know how to quiet it and shift your energy to positive.

For example:
In today’s world, many people ask: what cause lack? Name your thinking of the causes, high light the facts – acknowledge them, do not blame nor battle. Let your awareness gives appreciation to everything we come to recognize. Then you will see the lacking feeling in your thoughts fading and fading…finally replaced with feeling of abundance. And the abundance feeling elevates your to a higher level…success seems natural…

For example:
People or parents often say “Change your attitude.” But how? They never tell you how. Because many of them did not know exactly themselves. 
There is a saying, to expect different result, then do something different. How?  – now we know changing attitude by using positive language intentionally is the key…. for the purpose of re-programming and manifesting happiness and abundance!

1. Verbal Language. Using positive language conversation with self, your mind and thoughts, you will see shift of your feeling, atitude and change of outlook of live
Good language such as : I  Love my life, I am grateful. Say it and feel it!

2.Body language – body spirit. By shifting language -> shift body posture and moves ->shift result

Finding Root cause: fear from the negative lacking thoughts. How to change it? use positive and grateful language. You see, language drives our life.

By asking empowering questions. connecting with positive people. Believing in yourself can become a master of influence in your own life. Then you will influence others with good energy.

<end of the notations. check above links, you may find more gems>


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