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NEW! 2013, March 14 Thursday 6pm PST (9pm EST): A Peak Potentials Webinar
Financial Freedom Formula: How to Keep More of Your Money … and Make It Work
for YOU” Reserve Your Place Here.

You’ll discover:
* 5 critical elements in the Financial Freedom Formula … and why missing even
1 of them practically guarantees you’ll never be financially free
* The most commonly overlooked reason you haven’t achieved financial freedom …
and the surprisingly easy way to fix it (hint: this one has nothing to do with
how you manage your money)
* What you must have first if you want to be free to do whatever you want with
your time … without worrying about earning a living
* The 2 primary sources of income that you can develop – without working – and
which is best for you
* Tricks for properly calculating what it will really take to support your
desired lifestyle
* Why spending money is essential to financial freedom … and the must-follow
rule about how and when you must spend it
* The deadly mistake that many business owners make with their income … and
the critical change that can triple the speed with which you achieve financial
* 2 proven approaches for couples to manage their money … and tips to ensure
that neither partner feels resentful
* The right way to divide your investment money to properly manage risk
* What you must prove you can do before you’ll be able to attract more money
* Why putting every dime you can find toward paying off your debt is a huge
mistake (in fact, it dramatically increases your chances of ending up back in
* And much more!

***********************************************************Past Webinars:
2013: Feb FREE Conference Call From Amazing MMI:
Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET
Turning Ideas Into Profitable Products: 4 Steps to Income and Impact
This privilliaged invitation, Lily is sharing with you who’re seeking and following her: Notes from the company Peak Potential:
During this exciting call, Peak Potentials CEO Adam Markel will interview Pam
Hendrickson, a top product creation expert and former vice president of content
development for renowned author, business strategist and speaker Anthony

A 20-year veteran of the personal and professional development industry, Pam has
consulted directly with CEOs, authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs and experts in
varied fields such as Internet Marketing, finance, relationships, spirituality,
health, business, time/life management, and psychotherapy to produce content,
products, events, websites and marketing promotions to take their businesses to
the next level.

Today, Pam works with both beginners and established experts to create a
portfolio of information products and programs that create raving fan customers
and support their overall business strategy and lifestyle goals.

Tune in to discover:
*2 reasons why now is the perfect time to dive into information marketing
*The type of business that has more than double the success rate of any other
business venture
*3 top reasons to create information products and services – especially if you
want to achieve financial freedom
*The secret that can turn an idea into a profitable business … and how most
people mess this up
*The 4-step process for creating an information product in as little as 30 days
*What an “irresistible” offer is … and how to be most effective in explaining
*The fastest – and easiest path – to get started in information marketing
*What you can do today to get better at marketing your products and services
(hint: you do this every day)
*The quickest way to get out of overwhelm so you can finally stop thinking about
creating products – and start earning money
*And much more

Reserve your place now here  Creating passive income is essential to achieving financial freedom.

By turning your ideas into products, you’ll be in a position to generate
hundreds – if not thousands – of extra dollars each month. So you can eliminate
any debt you have, save money for your child’s college education, save for
retirement, and finally afford your dream lifestyle.

Personally, I love information marketing … and if you want to earn extra
income quickly and with little risk, THIS is the way to go.

Pam has worked directly with the biggest brands in the personal and professional
development industries. Tune in on Wednesday to discover her time-proven
strategies for turning your unique wisdom into profit-generating products.

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P.S. Can’t make it to the live webcast on Wednesday night?
Sign up anyway so you
 get access to the replay 
2012: Webinar Replay:
 The 8 Speed Wealth principles   – By Adam Markel of MMI

Brief Intro:
Speed Wealth is a time-proven 8-step system created by Harv Eker, the founder of MMI for earning $1 million in 3 years or less with your own business. You’ll learn exactly what all 8 steps are during the call and how to use them.

Who would benefit?
*Already own a business and want to fully leverage every dime and minute you invest in it
*Want to own a business and finally take full control of your financial future
*Have a job, but want the security of knowing that you can succeed on your own


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