2011 Civic Election

Lily Harvey during her Campaign of running for School Board Trustee in Oct. 2011
Among the candidates for Mayor, City Councils and Parks Board
Lily is in the middle of the photo. She is passionate about the importance of education-and- school system where Canada’s prosperity will depend upon. So she run for School Board Trustee in Nov.2011 civic election. Her left side is Suzanne Anton, a long time inspiration to all women running for Mayor of City of Vancouver in Nov 2011; Her right side is Melissa De Genova, a young bright woman, a daughter of former Park Board Commissionaire Allan De Genova who is well known by his driven energy, Melissa now is one of the Vancouver Park Board commissionaire.

Lily received over 20,000 votes after her small team of 10 volunteers’ 45 days campaign. That is average over 2000 votes generated per campaign member. A historical records in the history of Canadian elections. All her campaign members received her fast-track-training on effective communication and getting the votes. Here are two articles to review the event:

Nov19 Election Result: 20314 votes of victory, 20314 hearts believe in Lily`s IEEE.Thanks to all of my volunteers!

Letter from Jessica Ou 2012 MBA Student


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