2012 National Achievers Congress

National Achievers Congress (NAC) 2012 – In April
Admire and in touch with the most successful Billionaires in the GLOBE of our time!

An extremely intensive 3 full days learning from the best of the best in the World!
Leaders/teachers/coaches and stars  in Life & Business that Lily adores

Meet Kim & Rich Dad                                        20Million$_eBay Man Adam

Biz Ladies from Africa                                        Investment guru, monks..

RE Inv. Guru Danny                                              Rodney from Rich Dad

Amazing Trump was one of the speakers among above speakers, sorry we missed a photo with him but from getting to know him face to fact further from this event surely brought many solid votes to his presidency election, which has brought blessings to America.
I Call On YOU ALL Continue and None-stop to Praise the Lord and Pray for Trump and all truth telling speakers/leaders incl. pastors around the world to confidently courageously grow into His Light and be God’s Light Houses to bless YOU His people and nations!


Tour San Francisco after 3Day extremely informative and intensive NAC Meeting  



2 Responses to 2012 National Achievers Congress

  1. suboth basumatary says:

    hi,lily this suboth i hope you remember me i am from india . i went through your biodata wow thats great to know you what a great acheivement. keep on doing……………..

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