20Year Achievement Celebration in LA USA

ACN 20Year Achievement Celebration in Los Angeles, USA on June 21-23 2013: Amazing founder team of ACN- a Journey started in 90’s now in 23 counties in making differences!acn_founders

Envision Success Create Reality. See You At TOP! – by Lily Harvey  MBA PMP
Arising Star of Top Producer ACN Lily Harvey

ACN banners on the streets of Los Angeles EVERYWHERE!



Lily with her admired Legend Mentor and Partner Erolando B. Deita & wife Juliet DeitaMentor_Erolando2

Lily with one of the many Legends ACN Top ProducersTop Legent producer ACN

Lily with under 20 years’ old law school student ACNswith African ACNs_Young Lawyer students

Lily meets the mum-daughter ACN team Mum_n_daughter ACNsLily dances with students ACNs _______Lily Meets another Vancouver ACN ladyDanceVictory  Associate1

Lily’s Vancouver Team and Partners – Join Lily’s Winning Team!Shaun@promo
Shaun is an amazing Leader for vancouver Team at his age of 27 as of now. His passion is to help his team members succeed. In ACN you will not be promoted until  you have made a difference in others lives, then you be promoted. ACN is truly a system to produce better business leaders in our time and make each of us a better person in life with great purpose.


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