BC Business Elite

Photos (click2enlarge) and story of this heart warm event on Oct 24 (Wed) 2012 at CinCin:

       More than rich & delicious desserts                     Congrats and Thank you, Chef Andrew..:)

From Left: Director of GolferCT.wprdpress.com      see bellow
President of GSC Management-Group,                                                          see bellow
Lily and Jack-father of CinCin and Toptable.ca

Right: David, President of Victor College       Dr. Peter Legge presents new Chief-in-Editor

Young and vibrant management at CinCin                     A team loves Golf!

Mid: CEO of RTown.ca  Right: Jenny                            Right: CEO of Trucasa.com

Left: Past President of BC Justice Institute

Story of this event –
The inspiring Canadian media icon Dr. Peter Legge and his Canada Wide Media joined with a classic French style restaurant that has been many elite-business dinner meeting’s choice CinCin, quietly brought most active business elite-class in Great Vancouver together in a raining day to apprciate this stunning-beautiful downtown restaurant, to: gather together, connect, celebrate and enjoy nice wines, conversation, and French style cuisines flow out from CinCin’s Executive Chef Andrew’s kitchen, together to celebrate the appointments of
* Editor in Chief Tom Gierasimczuk of BCBusiness Magazine, and
* Executive Chef Andrew Richardson of CinCin

Lily-and her-associates are immensely enjoyed and appreciate Dr. Peter Legge and the CinCin Restaurant owner Jack who is an amazing high end restaurants creator, presented their chosen business leaders in such gracious way, and in the spirit of sharing their good fortune with their beloved Vancouver Elite Business Community.
Many Thanks and Blessings to Peter,Jack and their dedicated team!

Peter reminds Lily of her poem of the Light of Candle “The Power of Individual Citizens!” Peter’s books are sure lights for readers to activate their lights for success. I loved his book called “Runway of Life”, I look forward to his new book “If Only I’d Said That”.

Peter and Jack also reminds Lily of the book she read after her attending National Achievers Congress in USA, meeting Robert Kiyosaki and wife-Kim, also Donald Trump, the book was written by Donald and Robert, is called “The Magic Touch”…

Being in the pool of those inspire, you sure be energized… So enjoy the photos and come join us at next event in Mar, 2012. All will be post online. If you read BCBusiness Magazine, you won’t miss it!

Want to be spoiled to get more from your order of your BCBusiness Magzine, or even a gift of Peter’s book, call them to ask for recent promo. Their tel: 604.299.1023 or 1 800 663 0518 or visit their online subscribe with special-code: 053F09

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