CoolTraderPro Leaders Dinner Eve

* To view this amazing Cool Trader Robotic Trading concept and features by visit:  Purchase CoolTrade™ online
* Dec 4th Tues Leaders Dinner Photos at the bottom of this page.
* Dec5 Wed. 7pm To meet the Inventor Ed and all Founders of CoolTraderPro 
Address: Hilton Richmond  Well Done:)  see selected fun Photos.
* Dec 6 Thus. 9am -… Software how to use training by this #1 Genuis Ed Barsano.
-350.00 value Free training to new owners & friends of CoolTraderPro. Well done:)

Now Gift: Value for the software incl. 1 year license fee.  More info

Dec 5th Wed. – Well Done!
Evening CoolTraderPro PPT evening event full of valuable info of how the market is traded It opens public eyes! It was fun yet so educational from Mr. Barsano’s life story as the #1 Genius in our time in coding API application (Application Program Interface)

DSCN8346 (Copy) DSCN8347 (Copy) DSCN8348 (Copy) Amazing energy surround us w. the Inventor Mr. Genius Ed Barsano 🙂

* Dec 5 Tues. Following are photos of a warm  greeting dinner evening with the Executives

DSCN8334 (Copy) DSCN8336 (Copy)
Co-founder Nick briefing the company vision, introduce Inventor Ed- at right 2nd seat

DSCN8337 (Copy) DSCN8339 (Copy)
Co-Founder Cary introducing how the inventor was found…how CoolTraderPro was born.

DSCN8340 (Copy) DSCN8341 (Copy)
How success is created? A great idea that serves great purpose +12 years hard work+leaders team merged + call on people that are open minded with leadership, vision, and understand the importance of action to support.
Left: Stand tall with Co-founder Nick         Right: With lovely Sunil

DSCN8342 (Copy) DSCN8343 (Copy)
Sunil with Doris Lum and Lily Harvey           Women here are having fun with Dr. John G

DSCN8344 (Copy)
After years neighbouring, now just met… because of Cool Trader Pro

DSCN8345 (Copy)
Front: Inventor Sean and Stock Trading teacher Sunny who is thrilled by this software!
Back: Inventor Ed Barsano and Lily Harvey. Ed is with a big smile, he loves Canadians!



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