Millionaire Mind Intensive

Photos of tonight MMI_Winners (Click2Enlarge). Story at bellow.
_______________ MMI – the leading global business and life school that transforms! Thank YOU, Harv!  
Lily and MMI ladies -we are part of the universe! Thank U, Harv and Doug for set fires on!      
We are part of the universe! Love our earth & universe! We are giver and great receiver!

About this MMI and the trainer:
The amazing Millionaire Mind Intensive Training is taking place in Vancouver from the evening of Nov. 2, full days on Nov 3 and Nov. 4. Trainer is Doug Nelson.  Amazing amazing trainer! Google his name and buy his book “On Fire!” Lily just ordered from

Lily’s story of attending this MMI Vancouver event:
Upon completion of the delivery of a Project Management Master Certificate Program  to a    group of BC project managers of governments, universities, schools and construction companies, Lily needed time to rest, but Lily did not want to miss out MMI. So Lily  immediately dived into this amazing MMI three-day training program that she has been highly recommend to everyone she knows who desires success and happiness in life and at work, especially those who want to become a Project Management Professionals!

Guess what? Tonight Lily was the big winner of MMI_Enlightened Warrior Training Camp value of $5995 of 5 Days Program! Universe spoke out loud and Lily got it’s message with deep gratitude.

Lily’s heart was and maybe still jumping fast: “What a GREAT Blessing and Privilege to be chosen to learn from the best of the best in the world!”

Does this has to do Lily’s strong Faith,Trust, Love and Deep Gratitude to our universe*? You bet! So may you follow the clue to reach your inner light switch, turn it on and up! Looks like great and amazing things are on their way to reach Lily and her career…Check back to for more inspirational stories – Lily will share with you with intention to lead you to a right path, to meet right people to speed up your success by your own choice.

* Do you know, every being is part of the universe? Want more info, you must seek…


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