World Class Tourism in BC

(See Disclaimer at the bottom of this page)

Legacy Investment opp.: Last 2 units (Land 1.7/1.5 acres+Mansion+B&B+1 KM share)2 units

Above 2 units locate at 36 acres left top corner with best views of Okanangan Lake, next to 480 acres of KM world #1 Agri-tourism Resort. More info and photos at following.KM_Project Map

Intro and updates:

Uncover a  world class tourism heaven* – A Canadian “Disneyland” of stunning lake views, agricultures and world class sports and Italian style outdoor lake view theatre entertaining centre and much more. Such vision & design have never before nor will be one like this on earth. Investors can Call 604.800.8316 to book a pre-qualification meeting.

* An vision of all inclusive high-end nature enjoyment at a spectacular golf-course, a golf-hotel with golf-range, suspension-bridges, outdoor-Italian-style-theatre, vineyard and wine center, 12 wineries, full seasons ski-resorts and more…everything under the sunshine with beauty and elegance that you could ever imagine!

Feb 2014 updates on investment opportunity in the magical land:
Kelowna Mountain original owner* & developer Mark’s website:  More new photos at bottom of this page
*: This KM ownership now is hold by the share holders of total 850 extremely valuable shares. You will understand why after attend the pre-qualification and info session with the developer

2013 Events linked to Kelowna Mountain and some data for 2013 shareholders
Photos of the pictures, real views and among the visionaries, engineers and millionaires:




2014 Update Photos:

Mark and Glenn Receiving 2013 Commercial Building Awards for The Excellent Design and Build of The KM Welcome Centre 

Mark n Glen

KM WelcomeCentre Excellency Awards

Then Entrance of The KM Welcome CentreKM Welcome Centre indoor entrance

KM Welcome Centre indoor1

KM Welcome Centre indoor3

Indoor TheatreIndoor Theatre

Outdoor Threater On the Okanagan Lake With Spectacular ViewsKM LakeSide Open Theatre

SPECS Map of 12 Amazing Stunningly Gorgeous Wineries Standing Elegantly Along two Canals. A list of 12 wineries names and some photos of wineries at the bottom of this page. The 12 Wineries Specs

Visual of 12 Amazing Stunningly Gorgeous Wineries Standing Elegantly Along the two Canals. Photos of wineries at the very bottom of this pageThe 12 Wineries

Wine Country Hotel seating in the ski resort and sky cable cartsWinery Hotel   

Kelowna Mountain (aka KM) was selected the #1 tourism attraction in the Okanagan by this most popular local life magazine OkanaganLife – see next image of listingsOK Life Magzine

Best Tourist Attraction

3.99 Million Mansions – 8 Dream Homes with open view of the Ogopogoo Okanagan Lake. One home incl. Vineyard; two homes are double lots. Qualified Investor see SPECSProject 2-8 Mansions 

Example photo of the stunning gorgeous wineries: 

At this mega glass steel built building, represents Sparkling Wines. Tourists will dinning, wining and enjoy the spectacular views of two canals and the Ogapogoo Okanagan Lake. The rest of wineries spectacular designs, qualified Investor see SPECSSparkling

 12 Stunning Wineries Pavilions’ Names:

1. Red Wine
2. White Wine
3. Rose Wine
4. Cider Wine
5. Port Wine
6. Sherry Wine
7. Ice Wine
8. Apertif
9. Specialty
10. Sparkling
11. Ginseng Wine
12. Sake

Much much more amazing details, call 604 800 8316 to book a pre-qualification meeting to see it all.  

Disclaimer: all info in this blog page is the best to editor’s knowledge, errors or misunderstanding may exist. So to attend the pre-qualification and info session to meet the developer will give investor direct and most accurate info. It is investors’ responsibility to do due diligence via this meeting and consult with your own financial advisor.


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