Dove Global Trade Service

Dove Global Service established in BC in July 1994. Shortly, Dove met Summer Hill owner Stephen and Wendy. An aspiration of getting Summer Hill Wines enter China market was initiated by an Asia exclusive agreement from Summer Hill to Dove Global. Dove took it seriously and one more step, accepted invitation, joined Team Canada to China as the first historical 100-member Team Canada, led by both Hon. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Hon. BC Primer Mike Harcourt at that time, with the support from the team on Canada side and high profile support from Beijing and Shanghai, first time in history of China, China highest level of banquet welcomed Canadian Wines served and toasted in this historical meaningful meeting banquet.

In the photo from left: Lily Harvey, Mrs. Harvourt, Hon. Primer Harcourt and Dr. Harvey. China officially open entire wine consumers market to Canada wines in Nov 1994.

FullSizeRender (19) FullSizeRender (20) FullSizeRender (21) KaiYan 2  KaiYan



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