A Federal Election Public Event in 2007-2008 Led by Lily Harvey

Another significant public event

Commemorating the 111th Anniversary of Lester B. Pearson’s Birth
– A Panel Discussion –
Could Canada play both role of being a peacekeeper and a peacemaker? Other options?This public event remembering Liberal leader Lester B. Pearson’s legacy and inspiration, led by Liberal Federal MP candidate Lily and her Campaign Team in 2008. Photos:event_8_2From Left: Art Lee, John Boon, Jun Yan, Jordan Liu, John Ting, Norman White, Chris Chung, Anna Terrana, Barbara White, Lily Harvey, Frank Fang, Lea Johnson, Singgih Yuwono, Don Bellevent_8_1 Former MPs, Scholar from SFU, Federal election candidates Lily and Cary.event_8_Anna event_8_Don event_8_JB event_8_Lea event_8_LH event_prizes_1 event_prizes_2  event_V_don event_V_lea event_V_Q1  event_Q_2

Another significant public event